Rich people invest money and poor people spend it. Frequently we hear that people’s biggest enemies are costs. Costs are the root of all evil, and subsequently, cause many start ups to fail. But what if there was a method to mitigate your costs, or even eliminate them completely?

We typically think of investing as an action we do with the “15% we’re supposed to save out of each paycheck.” Most financial advisers will tell you to get some disability and life insurance, max out your 401K, and pick up a Traditional IRA as a tax shelter. They’re not telling you how you should be investing the other 85%. What you once thought of as costs can actually be invested for a return.

What we fail to realize is that investing comes in many forms. Invest in business cards to promote and network your company. Invest in a 12 pack of Coronas to kick it with some old friends. Invest in weekly trips to the grocery store so you’re not eating out every meal. Thinking of these expenditures as costs will only have you loathing opening your wallet. If you’re reaching for your back pocket, make sure you’ll see a return at some point in the near future.

Would you look at a tank of gas as a cost if it enabled you to close a $10,000 client? Most would say that’s a great investment! What’s my point here? Always look for the ROI. It comes in many forms, and most often, the dividends WON’T be monetary. Making new connections, memories, and relaxing are all non-monetary dividends. These investments can yield returns much greater than the meal you ate out last week.

Invest time in your best relationships. Invest money in staying healthy and relaxing. And double down on those risky game changing decisions. By thinking like an entrepreneur you can eliminate costs and maximize returns!


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