Yesterday we left London – 6 days into the trip. Dublin and London have very different ways of life (besides both driving on the wrong side of the road).

Unfortunately, I had forgot the Eurail train tickets in my car in Boston before the trip. At first, this was expected to be a huge hassle. Working out the logistics with RailEurope was an inconvenience, so we had Jay’s dad over-night the tickets.

Our hostel in Dublin was great; the one in London, not so much. Black mold, sharp mesh, terrible beds, and more. After talking to the manager he decided to give us a full refund. I was very honest with him, and he appreciated our feedback. We shook hands and parted ways peacefully.

A few of our plans have not completely worked out. I guess you have to expect that when leaving for Europe with a passport and backpack. This has reiterated my “Rolling With The Punches” principle.

Tractability is extremely important in life. Being able to adapt change has separated successful people for years. This is not only about being comfortable with change. It’s also about being able to make decisions quickly and confidently.

I’m also noticing a sense of ‘free-willingness’ from many of the Europeans I’m meeting (as well as the other backpackers). Making the best of every situation is a great quality to embrace. It’s easy to freak out when things go wrong.

So the weathers sucks and the food isn’t great.

Or we have to walk miles with all our luggage – but WHO CARES?!

We put a smile on, and realize that we are typically our own biggest enemies.

I’ve been trying not to be that ‘business guy’ on the trip, but naturally many concepts are reaffirmed during my travels. I love this cultural aura that’s beginning to penetrate my perspective.

Yesterday we were planning on going to Greece after our tickets arrived. Flights were a little more than $300 – not an expense we wanted to eat this early in the trip.

We decided to fly over to Croatia instead. Amazing scenery and people. The culture here is unlike any other in the world. It’s by far my favorite place (so far). Next stop – Budapest, Prague, and Vienna! Stay tuned.



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