Who I Am

Name : Jesse Henry
Birthdate : October 6 th
Birthplace : Stoughton, Massachusetts USA
Hair : Dirty Blonde
Eyes : Hazel (Depending on the day)
Height : 6’5”


As a kid I had a stutter. If you watched my TED Talk – you were able to get a small slice of how life used to be. I was tall, skinny, and had a problem communicating because of my speech impediment.   I’m telling you this because I went from a kid with a stutter – to a young professional that speaks with power, conviction, and congruency. If I can overcome my obstacles – so can you!

As a child, I went to acting camp. I was ridiculed for doing something outside the norm – but could slowly see progress in my communication skills. It’s at Next Stop Broadway that I really learned how to express myself. I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have at the time.

I didn’t get my first taste of business until the fall of 2005. Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida HARD – and I was out of school for 2 weeks. I lived far from my friends – so I needed to keep myself occupied while the power was out. I ended up wheeling around a red wagon and collected scrap metal from all the pool screen enclosures that had been dislodged. A few thousand pounds, and a couple of phone calls later, I had the metal hauled away – and money in my pocket. I felt like the richest 8 th grader in the world. It was just enough to get the entrepreneurial juices flowing. I’m proud to say that Hurricane Wilma was the beginning of a great story.

High School

In high school I was very involved in sports. I was involved in hockey, volleyball, cross country, and track. I stayed VERY busy. At the time, cross country was the hardest I had pushed myself both mentally and physically. During peak season, I was running 90 miles a week – and the results were showing. I realized – you only get out of life what you put into it. Cheating the workout was only cheating myself.

Because P.E. and health classes were full – I was stuck in a business class. I was forced to join a club called DECA, and started to fall in love with the growth I was experiencing. I wasn’t too good at the written test – but the role plays were my SWEET SPOT. I ended up going to the state competition for all 4 years – and qualified for the international competition twice. In my junior year – my partner and I placed in the top 20 internationally for the “Business Law and Ethics” category. It was the next stepping stone in my professional life.


College was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to start 2 companies AND 2 entrepreneurial organizations while on campus.

JH college5

Fortunately for me, Florida State did not have a CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization) chapter. I had the opportunity to start the chapter on FSU campus, which really helped me build a network of entrepreneurial leaders. This was a stepping stone I’m forever grateful for. I’m still well connected with the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization today.

The office of Entrepreneurship and innovation was created as a bureau of student government. I had previously been a student senator, and despised the experience. I realized politics wasn’t for me, but entrepreneurs’ needed a voice on FSU campus. This was the happy medium. Although it was created during my last year – we focused on helping enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tallahassee Florida. The organization (and FSU as a whole) is thriving as a community today!

I started up 2 companies while in college. To spare you time, feel free to check out my LinkedIn for more information

College propelled me to new heights. There were many other experiences, trips, and moments that made me grow and flourish. Most of the lessons I learned in college were discovered outside the classroom.


After college, I had NO CLUE what to do. I had preached entrepreneurship as a student – but knew I had to learn the ropes before taking the jump. I leveraged my TED Talk, and became a peak performance strategist for Tony Robbins. I relate this experience to a paid MBA program. I learned more that I could have asked for, and met some incredible people along the way. I quickly realized that working for someone else was not in my best interest – so I left the company to go off on my own. Words can’t express my gratitude to the Tony Robbins organization. But – words also can’t express how happy I am to be back on my own.

Again, check out my current company TheTheoryofSuccess.com for more info on what I’m currently doing.

Part of becoming self-aware involves knowing who you are, and what you want. Knowing who you are is the first step on the road to success. I recommend that everyone try this activity. It’s fun!


•   A son

•   A brother

•   A friend to all those looking to help others

•   A gentleman

•   A writer

•   A peak performance strategist

•   A coach and a cheerleader for others

•   A positive figure in other people’s lives

•   A Mentor

•   An entrepreneur

•   A loving and caring person

•   A man of perspective

•   A big ball of fun

•   A center of influence

•   A creator of personal power

•   An independent thinker

•   A catalyst for change

•   A passionate leader

•   A mentally and physically strong individual

•   An open and honest person

•   A humorous personality

•   Charismatic

•   Resourceful

•   Determined

•   Ambitious

•   Empowering